[gmx-users] Re: Go-model Hamiltonian (Xavier Periole)

eddie mendel pckboy at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 20:07:27 CET 2008

Hello. In the website server, I provide my
email, some workid and submit the pdb file.

A window appears, in which it says:

*Go model built.

Email will be sent to eduardo.mendez at usask.ca.

Thank you for using MMTSB Web Services.

*I have tried many different emails, but I dont get any thing in the email.


I was planning to use CHARMM but I found a problem at a server that builds
> the respective  Go-model Hamiltonian from a pdb  file

I do not know anybody who as used a Go-model in GMX but it should not be
so difficult using tabulated potentials!

> > this is the website in case you are interested: 
> >http://mmtsb.scripps.edu/webservices/gomodel.html

What is wrong with the website server? Does it give a wrong "topology"?
We have been using it for a peptide and that would be nice if you could
detail the "bug".

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