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Dear All,


    I have make a free energy landscape by using the data of RMSD and H-bond number of main chain of a protein according to the following method. I am not sure if the method does work. If not, Could you give me some advises? Thank you!

PS: Method

   1. Obtained the RMSD and the number of H-bond of mainchain of the protein by using g_rms and g_hbond commonds;

   2. Copy above two groups of values (RMSD and H-bond number) into Origin Software. first column is values of H-bond number, second column is RMSD;

3. Statistics > Descriptive Statistics > 2D Frequency Count in Origin, and obtained a matrix named as"TwoD FreqCounts";

4. Convert the above matrix into worksheet with type of xyz, and  got the values in the third column (frequency counts of RMSD and H-bond number);

5. Calculate the frequency count into normalized possibility;

6. Select the maximal or minimal possibility as control value.

   If  you select the maximal possibility (Pmax) as control value, the ΔG = Gx - Gmax = -kBTln(Px/Pmax) > 0;

   If  you select the minimal possibility (Pmin) as control value, the ΔG = Gx - Gmin = -kBTln(Px/Pmin) < 0;

Calculate all the values of (Px/Pmax) or (Px/Pmin) as the new third column. Here I choose Pmin (frequency count = 1) as control value, and get negative values of free energies;   

7. Convert the values in above three columns into a new matrix by using the method of XYZ Gridding. 

8. According to the above new matrix, plot the final free energy landscape.    



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