[gmx-users] xmgrace plot

Henry Yang henryynag at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 8 12:07:27 CET 2009

Hello Jon,

Thnx. One more question. I have the output of every 10 ns simulation over 50 ns. For every 10 ns simulation step I have the .xvg file . Is there any way in xmgrace so that I can concatenate all the .xvg file from 0 to 50 ns simulation and show them one xmgrace graph
Thanks again


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>From the command line you can type xmgrace file1.xvg file2.xvg (where file1 and file2 are the filenames!).


2009/12/8 Henry Yang <henryynag at yahoo.com>

Hello everyone,
>I am also new to xmgrace. I have two .xvg file which I have got from the simulation data analysis.  How can I open both of them in one xmgrace graph with two distinct color? How can I proceed with the comand? 
>I know this is very basic but I have to learn!
>Pls give me response.
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