[gmx-users] Problem with different version

Shaghayegh Vafaei SH650742 at Dal.Ca
Fri Feb 13 18:23:18 CET 2009

I apologize in advance if my question has been asked before.
I don't follow all the questions and I am sorry.

Recently I have faced problem with g_clustsize command in Gromacs.
I've used the command as below and I've gotten the error :

> g_clustsize_d -f drg -s drg -nc nclut -mc maxclust -ac avclust -cut 0.45 -mol
-n drg
Reading frame       0 time    0.000   Reading file drg.tpr, VERSION 4.0 (single
Reading file drg.tpr, VERSION 4.0 (single precision)
Using molecules rather than atoms. Not reading index file drg.ndx
Last frame       2000 time 20000.000
cmid: 1, cmax: 1, max_size: 1

Back Off! I just backed up csize.xpm to ./#csize.xpm.2#

Program g_clustsize_d, VERSION 4.0
Source code file: matio.c, line: 533

Fatal error:
Lo: 0.000000, Mid: 1.000000, Hi: 1.000000

I have done some part of my simulation with the last version and some part with
the latest one. So I decided to check whether there is a problem with my new
.tpr file. But,when I want to read my new version .tpr file with g_clustsize
from old version, it doesn't work. This doesn't make sense for me .

I appreciate your help,


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