[gmx-users] mpi mdrun

jayant james jayant.james at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 19:18:42 CEST 2009

Hi !!
I am attempting to install  mpi mdrun such that I can use all four
processors of my quad core system. But I keep running into this problem!! My
operating system is  Suse 10.1.

(cd .libs && rm -f libgmxpreprocess_mpi.la && ln -s
../libgmxpreprocess_mpi.la libgmxpreprocess_mpi.la)
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `../mdlib/libmd_mpi.la', needed by
`mdrun'.  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/gromacs-4.0.3/src/kernel'

I would appreciate help/suggestions in my installation.
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