[gmx-users] g_mindist output

Justin A. Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Tue Mar 9 02:22:00 CET 2010

Dian Jiao wrote:
> Hi gmx users,
> I was running g_mindist as a batch job for a big number of files on a 
> pbs cluster. The huge amount of output was redirected to the error file 
> which has a size limit. Is there way to discard the output of g_mindist. 
> I tried /dev/null as below, it didn't work.
> g_mindist -f tra.pdb -n tra.ndx-od log < grp.txt > /dev/null
> where grp.txt is a input file which specifies the groups.

Use &>/dev/null.  You can also use the -quiet flag (hidden option) to suppress 
some of the information printed out by any of the Gromacs tools.


> Thanks in advance.
> D


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