[gmx-users] local destabilization of bilayer

afsaneh maleki maleki.afsaneh at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 15:18:31 CET 2010


How do i calculate local destabilization of bilayer?
 I can calculate the thickness of the bilayer in the membrane protein with
GridMAT-MD but i can't compare it with thickness of pure bilayer. Would you
please elaborate it clearly?

when i calculated thickness of bilayer in membrane protein with GridMAT-MD i
do following as:

./GridMAT-MD.pl param_example
perl convert_to_gnuplot.pl  20*20_average.dat 20 20
splot ' 20*20_average.dat' matrix using(1+$1):(1+$2):3
set pm3d map

but  "20x20_average_pbc.dat" contains a single column of numbers and 400 raw
line. is it correct?

Thanks very much in advance,
Afsaneh Maleki
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