[gmx-users] rdf problem

Dallas B. Warren Dallas.Warren at pharm.monash.edu.au
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If you have aggregation and a small box size, then the rdf will not be
able to asymptote to one.


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Dear all,

I am simulating a binary system of two non mixing components (5CB and
water using version 4-0-3; the whole equilibrated trajectory is about
I want to calculate the rdf of the centers of mass of 5CB using the
g_rdf -f traj300.xtc -rdf mol_com  -o rdf_com_300.xvg -noxvgr.
The problem is that the rdf I am getting does not approach one at long
distances. Is there a way to correct that? 
I have the same problem, with all rdfs, and also when I compute the rdfs
for a lipid bilayer (DPPC-water)... I think it has to do with the way
that the normalization is done, 
because the ones that are calculated for a one component system (i.e.
bulk 5CB) are normal (they do approach one). 

Thank you,


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