[gmx-users] Fatal error: Atomtype Qd not found

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Fri Mar 26 02:08:50 CET 2010

Dear GMX users,

I have a quick question regarding which Gromacs force field in pdb2gmx is
best suited for creating a topology (itp) file for the enzyme, lactate
oxidase.  So far the force fields in Gromacs 4.0.4 are:

 0: GROMOS96 43a1 force field
 1: GROMOS96 43a2 force field (improved alkane dihedrals)
 2: GROMOS96 45a3 force field (Schuler JCC 2001 22 1205)
 3: GROMOS96 53a5 force field (JCC 2004 vol 25 pag 1656)
 4: GROMOS96 53a6 force field (JCC 2004 vol 25 pag 1656)
 5: OPLS-AA/L all-atom force field (2001 aminoacid dihedrals)
 6: [DEPRECATED] Gromacs force field (see manual)
 7: [DEPRECATED] Gromacs force field with hydrogens for NMR
 8: Encad all-atom force field, using scaled-down vacuum charges
 9: Encad all-atom force field, using full solvent charges

I selected the "G53a6 GROMOS96 53a6 Forcefield" for creating my itp file,
however, when I try to run grompp to generate the .tpr file, I get the

Program grompp_d, VERSION 4.0.4
Source code file: toppush.c, line: 947

Fatal error:
Atomtype Qd not found

I've looked into other discussions on this (
http://www.mail-archive.com/gmx-users@gromacs.org/msg15722.html), and
concluded that the atomtype Qd must not be present in the G53a6 force
field.  My system is simply the protein lactate oxidase.  Does anyone have
suggestions on which force field(s) is best suited for this molecule?

Thanks in advance,
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