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Justin A. Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Fri May 28 15:29:09 CEST 2010

佘安奇 wrote:
> Dear Dallas:
>    Thanks a lot for your reply.
>    But I didn't quite understand "no function types defined in your bonds, angles and dihedrals". Could you give more details? 

I think Dallas might have been thinking of a different file; function types are 
not required in individual .rtp entries, but you do have to have a proper 
[bondedtypes] directive at the top of your .rtp file.  A few other comments:

1. The .rtp entry you posted is for DRG2, which does not correspond to the entry 
that pdb2gmx is complaining about ("DRG") and thus we don't know if you've given 
us the right information.  If you're trying to use the DRG2 entry, pdb2gmx would 
still fail, but for a less cryptic reason (no such residue).

2. It appears from the program suffix that you've attempted to compile the 
entire Gromacs suite in parallel.  There is no reason to do this since only 
mdrun is MPI-aware.  I've seen a few reports of buggy behavior being caused by 
weird compilation, so I'd advise that you start out with a reliable installation 

3. If you're trying to generate a topology for a non-repeating small molecule, 
why both with pdb2gmx at all?  The purpose of pdb2gmx is to build larger 
structures composed of repeating building blocks.  It probably would be the same 
amount of effort to simply write the .itp file by hand as it would be to 
generate this .rtp entry.


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>> You have no function types defined in your bonds, angles
>> and dihedrals.
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