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As I told you, you can calculate the self-diffusion coefficient by using g_msd.

Large diffusion-coeff. --> means : The residence time is low.
Small diffusion-coeff. --> means : The residence time is large !!!!

Mean-square-displacement means: Displacement of molecules per time.
No displacement of molecule at all : if(msd == 0)  means: Infinite residence
So I say from my idiotic point of view: msd ~ residence time ( I still do not
know what you mean with this because
this is usually related to chemical reactors in engineering and NOT in protein
simulation ) 
In your index-file you can index those molecules, which you need.
Your equation does not make sense. 

>>>  24.08.11 16.01 Uhr >>>

The residence time equation goes like this-

P(r)= function (N(t) - N(t+r))dt

Where function(x-y) takes the value of 1 when x=y(x not equal to 0 and y not
equal to 0) ie the site occupied and when x not equal to y or both x and y =0.
N(t) index of water molecule found in the hydration site at time t.

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> Any idea how can I calculate the residence time of water.

First, seek define what you mean to calculate. If you can't write an 
equation down for it, you can't calculate it.


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