[gmx-users] electrostatic component of the forces

Julian Mondon-Garrec julian.garrec at epfl.ch
Tue May 29 07:57:58 CEST 2012

Thank you very much for your clear reply.

Best regards,

Julian Garrec

Le 25/05/12 17:17, Mark Abraham a écrit :
> On 25/05/2012 7:44 PM, Julian Mondon-Garrec wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am trying to get the electrostatic forces acting on each atom as a 
>> function of time. I have checked the list and all the suggestions are 
>> based on rerunning the simulation. Is there not an easy way to print 
>> these forces on the fly ?
> You can print the whole force "on the fly" with nstfout, but you 
> cannot decompose it.
>> If not, what is the cleanest way to remove bonded and vdw components 
>> from the forces ? One option could be to set all the unwanted 
>> interaction to zero in the topology file but I am wondering if there 
>> is a safer alternative.
> The code permits such a "safe" alternative, by not setting 
> GMX_FORCE_BONDED, but there is no way to access that setting from the 
> command line. The best you can easily do is mdrun -rerun with 
> parameters zeroed.
> Mark

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