[gmx-users] Umbrella Sampling gromacs 5.0 error

Alexander Law alexander.law at pg.canterbury.ac.nz
Mon Nov 24 04:29:59 CET 2014

The npt_umbrella.mdp which reads continuation = yes, gen-vel = yes, is located at the first link I provided, within the compressed folder. Not from the link in your tutorial.
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On 11/23/14 3:56 PM, Alexander Law wrote:
> Hi Justin
> I downloaded the compressed folder from this website: http://www.gromacs.org/Documentation/Tutorials/GROMACS_USA_Workshop_and_Conference_2013/Computing_potentials_of_mean_force%3A_Justin_Lemkul,_Session_2A
> Within it the the npt_umbrella.mdp file reads continuation = yes, gen-vel = yes.
> I've ran ~15 simulations over the weekend with continuation = yes, gen-vel= no
> Are these simulations unsuitable for umbrella sampling?

The settings should be somewhat intuitive; if you are continuing a run (i.e.
some previous time interval or from equilibration), you should not generate
velocities (continuation = yes, gen_vel = no).  If you are starting a new
simulation, i.e. equilibration (continuation = no) then you should generate
velocities (gen_vel = yes).

I have checked twice since you originally posted this problem, and
npt_umbrella.mdp provided with the tutorial (for equilibration) is correct
(continuation = no, gen_vel = yes) and the input for umbrella sampling
(md_umbrella.mdp) is also correct (continuation = yes, gen_vel = no), so I don't
know what this issue related to the contents of npt_umbrella.mdp is.

> ---------------------------
> I am assuming they are, so I've started a new sequence with not_umbrella.mdp reading the same as: http://bevanlab.biochem.vt.edu/Pages/Personal/justin/gmx-tutorials/umbrella/Files/npt_umbrella.mdp
> This produces this error:
>   WARNING 1 [file npt_umbrella.mdp]:
>    You are generating velocities so I am assuming you are equilibrating a
>    system. You are using Parrinello-Rahman pressure coupling, but this can
>    be unstable for equilibration. If your system crashes, try equilibrating
>    first with Berendsen pressure coupling. If you are not equilibrating the
>    system, you can probably ignore this warning.
> Since I am not equilibrating I've avoided this using the -maxwarn command and started a new sequence for umbrella sampling.

Again, npt_umbrella.mdp *is* intended for equilibration; the warning probably
shouldn't be a fatal one for grompp, but it is indicating that instability may
result.  If the simulations proceed, that's fine.  The warning should probably
just be a note, instead, but in general one should not generate velocities with
Nose-Hoover, which allows for wider fluctuations than a weak coupling method
like Berendsen or V-rescale, which are more robust for equilibration.



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