[gmx-users] Problem with constraints in NVT calculations.

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Wed Oct 8 13:31:57 CEST 2014

On 10/7/14 10:59 PM, Kester Wong wrote:
> Hi Justin,
> Thank you for the clarification. I should look into using NAMD.
> The new polarisable Drude implementation will surely benefit everyone in the MD
> community.
> I am looking forward to using it, as with others (I think there was a similar
> post by Yana Tsoneva on this issue too, dated back in July).
> Meanwhile, is it possible to implement a self-consistent FF from scratch? One
> example I came across is from the work by Ho and Striolo
> titled: Polarizability effects in molecular dynamics simulations of the
> graphene-water interface

Of course you can implement whatever you like.  Gromacs has been able to carry 
out polarizable simulations for a very long time; I've only ever cautioned 
against abuse of certain models.

> Pardon me if this sounds outright wrong; regarding the massless Drude particle,
> can it be replaced with an atom (assuming an induced dipole model) instead of
> the charge-on-spring model? The mass of the atom can be set to 0.4 amu with an
> opposite charge of the water oxygen atom?

In the Drude model with 0.4-amu particles, the Drudes are essentially just 
atoms.  There's nothing conceptually special about them, we just handle them 
slightly differently in the code.



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