[gmx-users] Acetone parameters and transferability question

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Sun Oct 12 17:33:35 CEST 2014

On 10/12/14 5:38 AM, Ioanna Styliari wrote:
> Hello Justin, and thank you for your reply.
> Yes, the diffusion constant with the ATB acetone (code name _LVN) was
> overestimated in a variety of molar ratios (used SPC water), but also, I am
> not able to reproduce acetone's experimental density correctly (result was
> around 830 rather than 791 kg/m^3) When building the acetone-solvation boxes,

A 5% error is actually rather good.

> I have followed the guides from Gromacs. Another fact is that the second
> acetone model ATB has, (code name AON, a united atom model for the 53a5ff) is
> immiscible with water, possibly due to the very low charge in the C=O
> molecules. How can I be certain that the acetone model I use is OK? I am

The 53A5 parameters are for simulations in cyclohexane, not water, hence the 
insolubility is to be expected.

> trying to be as careful as possible but really need an expert's advice on
> which molecule to use.

If the density is only off by 5%, it should be reasonably easy to tweak the 
parameters.  To be in line with the existing force field, target data should 
also include heat of vaporization and solvation free energy.



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