[gmx-users] free energy problem

elham tazikeh elham.tazikeh at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 11:14:56 CEST 2014

Dear Justin
thanks for your replys and your patient

i think my main  problem is the way of using of perl/shell scripts in your
tutorial (Free energy for methane)

my question is: for script using, i must be execute them by *(chmod +x
...) * and then use of this command (*perl write_mdp.pl
<http://write_mdp.pl> em_steep.mdp * or
*sh write_sh.pl <http://write_sh.pl> em_steep.sh*) ? are they correct?

in this tutorial, its up to us that choose of *perl scripts *or *shell
scripts* without any difference?right??

at the end, script files read from mdp files without any changes or
rep0lacing by values by us...is it correct?

best regards

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