[gmx-users] append does not work for me

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Wed Apr 22 22:35:01 CEST 2015

On 4/22/15 4:23 PM, Michael Brunsteiner wrote:
> On 4/21/15 10:41 AM, Michael Brunsteiner wrote:
>  >>
>  >> Hi,
>  >> I just tried to continue a simulation, after having extended the total time
> using
>  >>
>  >> gmx convert-tpr -s original-xxx.tpr -o xxx.tpr -until 400000
>  >> mdrun -nt 4 -deffnm xxx -cpi xxx.cpt
>  >>
>  >> xxx.cpt, xxx.log, and xxx.trr are present  in the working directory and are
>  >> the original output files, i.e., they were NOT modified
>  >>
>  >> but instead of appending the new data gmx makes backups of theoriginal files
> (i.e. renames xxx.* to #xxx.*.1#)
>  >> and writes the data into new files xxx.*
>  >> this happens both with without the -append option to mdrun ...
>  >> the original files were produced with gmx 5.0.1 and for the extensioni tried
> to use gmx 5.0.4 ... can this be the problem?
>  >>if so, is there a work around?
>  >> other than using trjcat, which is tedious as here i am working with HUGE
> files...
>  >
>  > Did you enable large file support when you compiled GROMACS?
> no ... i wasn;'t aware there is such a thing ... some google-ing suggests
> that the limit is as low as 2Gb ... is that still true for gmx 5.0 ? ... and is
> it true
> that a checkpoint file written with an mdrun compiled without large file support
> and for a trr filesize greater than 2Gb cannot be used for a run continuation?
> is there no work around for that ??
>  >  Or maybe the file size is an OS limit?
> the trajectory files are about 20 Gb, which my 64 bit linux sould be able to
> handle ...

Which also means that the old 2 GB limit is not relevant here (the run literally 
would have stopped when any file reached 2 GB).  IIRC that was fixed, anyway. 
Large file support is detected automatically; I was hoping you knew offhand if 
your system supported it; sounds like it should.

The workaround is to concatenate later.  I would think you'd prefer to do that 
after the fact rather than waiting during run time while mdrun looks through all 
of those massive files before it starts appending.



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