[gmx-users] Solvatebox from itp GAFF organic solvents and amber solute.

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Wed Aug 5 23:40:33 CEST 2015

On 8/5/15 4:32 PM, Sharapa wrote:
> Perhaps my explanation is very confusing, while i am trying to solve at least
> three problems at the same time.
> 1) I would like to use equilibrated solvent from virtualchemistry, not to get
> more errors by equilibrating attempts. Seems i can use "solvate" similar to
> http://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-365047-808554.html (where was genbox as previous
> version) (i do not need mixing solvents, i saw your hexane-water tutorial, i am
> trying to understand them all at the same time). Anyway attempts to give to
> "solvate" a itp topology, like it was done in chinease manual for top file for
> genbox fails. Seems now its separated to "include", I'll read manual about that.

Well, I can't read Chinese, so I have no idea what the tutorial is having you 
do, but the basic principles are:

1. gmx solvate deals exclusively with the coordinates, -cp for the solute and 
-cs for the solvent

and since solvate only automatically updates the topology in the case of water:

2. Add #include statement for solvent topology manually
3. Update the number of molecules of solvent in [system] manually

> 2) Single molecule - my solute. For which i have gaff topologies generated in
> Amber. I hope to use amb2gmx.pl to get sometopology that i can "include" after
> "insert-molecules" of my solute into the box of solvent that i describe in point 1.

It's even easier than using insert-molecules (my understanding was that you had 
a co-solvent situation, which apparently is not the case):

gmx solvate -cp solute.pdb -cs solvent.pdb

This is no different than standard tutorial workflows of solvating a protein.

> 3) Usage of GAFF in a simulation. This i will try to understand if i will manage
> to prepare box with solute and solvent and some sencefull topologies.

When dealing with non-standard systems, you really have to be familiar with the 
force field organization and all file formats.  A topology (.top) is just a 
listing of the molecules in the system, and can mention parameters specifically 
or can #include them (that just means copy and paste from another file).  For 
something like what you're talking about, presumably the following skeletal .top 
is basically what you need:

#include (some parent AMBER FF)
#include "solute.itp"
#include "solvent.itp"

[ system ]

[ molecules ]
solute  1
solvent N

where "solute" and "solvent" in [molecules] are the actual [moleculetype] names.


> Yes, i understand that for you its probably just usage of few trivial commands,
> but i am more used to another part of computational chemistry and so syntax and
> logic of Amber and Gromacs are very new, specific and confusing for me.
> Thanks a lot for your advices.
> On 05.08.2015 22:11, Justin Lemkul wrote:
>> On 8/5/15 2:59 PM, Sharapa wrote:
>>> Well, then i am confused again. "Liquid structure" pdb-s on virtualchemistry -
>>> are they of any use directly in creating solvatebox, or they just shows what
>>> system was equilibrated and topological parameters taken from?
>> A pre-equilibrated box is just that - a liquid structure suitable for further
>> simulation or use as a solvent in another system.  As for "creating
>> solvatebox," I have no clue what you're talking about here. Do you mean simply
>> using that liquid as a solvent? That's straightforward use of gmx solvate.
>> But you've alternately referred to single molecules, AMBER topologies, GROMACS
>> .itp files, and liquid coordinate files, so I honestly have no idea what the
>> primary question is any more.
>> -Justin
>>> On 05.08.2015 20:49, Justin Lemkul wrote:
>>>> On 8/5/15 2:31 PM, Sharapa wrote:
>>>>> Thanks a lot, that was very usefull.
>>>>> I will try to collected all collected theory in practice.
>>>>> On 05.08.2015 20:08, Justin Lemkul wrote:
>>>>>> gmx insert-molecules -ci single_molecule.pdb -o box.pdb -box X -nmol N
>>>>>> will insert N molecules into a cubic box of X-nm edge length. That is for
>>>>>> pure
>>>>>> solvent, and it's the same as the first step in creating a mixed solvent
>>>>>> (which is then followed by another round of gmx insert-molecules to add the
>>>>>> co-solvent).
>>>>> Single_molecule - am i right that i should use pdb of liquid structure
>>>>> (that is
>>>>> a rather big cube of solvent with thousands of atoms in it)
>>>> My instructions were for how to create a starting liquid structure (which will
>>>> require LOTS of equilibration) from a single molecule. Hence
>>>> "single_molecule.pdb" as its name, and "box.pdb" is the full liquid structure
>>>> with multiple molecules and however many atoms that winds up being.
>>>> -Justin
>>>>>>> Taking topologies from amber seems to be more trivial procedure, with
>>>>>>> amb2gmx.pl, but is it independent from forcefield. Dont i have to specify in
>>>>>>> calculation GAFF ?, and if yes - i dont see it as typical Gromacs
>>>>>>> forcefield,
>>>>>>> should i make smth extra for enabling GAFF?
>>>>>> That depends on what the .itp files contain.  If they have a [defaults]
>>>>>> directive, all the force field parameters, etc. then they're self-contained
>>>>>> and can be used as-is, then you're done. If they require parameters from some
>>>>>> parent force field (more likely, since you're dealing with frcmod files),
>>>>>> then
>>>>>> you need to utilize them in the context of whatever parent force field you
>>>>>> were using in AMBER:
>>>>>> #include (some AMBER force field)
>>>>>> #include (whatever your solvent .itp is)
>>>>>> etc.
>>>>>> -Justin
>>>>>>> Thanks in advance,
>>>>>>> Dmitriy
>>>>>>> On 05.08.2015 19:38, Justin Lemkul wrote:
>>>>>>>> On 8/5/15 11:23 AM, Sharapa wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Dear Justin,
>>>>>>>>> Thanks a lot for your links.
>>>>>>>>> I looked them once again (i googled them for few times while i am stucked
>>>>>>>>> with
>>>>>>>>> this problem) and still do not understand how they can help me.
>>>>>>>>> I will try to go throw manual once again.
>>>>>>>> I don't understand what the problem is.  You say you have topologies and
>>>>>>>> coordinates, so what's missing?  You have coordinates for a single
>>>>>>>> molecule,
>>>>>>>> but not a full box?  That's trivial to construct with gmx
>>>>>>>> insert-molecules or
>>>>>>>> genconf -nbox. All of that is described in those links.
>>>>>>>> -Justin
>>>>>>>>> Best regards,
>>>>>>>>> Dmitriy
>>>>>>>>> On 05.08.2015 01:20, Justin Lemkul wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> On 8/4/15 12:09 PM, Sharapa wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> Thanks a lot for fast answer.
>>>>>>>>>>> Yes, my fault, i didnt specify - i have coordinates for my molecule
>>>>>>>>>>> (from
>>>>>>>>>>> dft
>>>>>>>>>>> optimisation or from any other minimisation). And i have coordinates for
>>>>>>>>>>> equilibrated solvents from virtualchemistry. So i have coordinates,
>>>>>>>>>>> amber
>>>>>>>>>>> topologies for solute and itp for solvent. And no good ideas on
>>>>>>>>>>> combining
>>>>>>>>>>> them
>>>>>>>>>>> together in one solvatebox.
>>>>>>>>>> http://www.gromacs.org/Documentation/How-tos/Mixed_Solvents
>>>>>>>>>> http://www.gromacs.org/Documentation/How-tos/Non-Water_Solvation
>>>>>>>>>> -Justin
>>>>>>>>>>> On 04.08.2015 17:26, Justin Lemkul wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>> On 8/4/15 10:45 AM, Sharapa wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dear users and developers of Gromacs,
>>>>>>>>>>>>> I am new in MD in general and in Gromacs particulary.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> I want to make MD of small organic molecule in few organic solvents.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> My molecule containes Si and I made GAFF parameters for it. I would
>>>>>>>>>>>>> like to
>>>>>>>>>>>>> use
>>>>>>>>>>>>> GAFF in my simulation, expecting it to be not too bad for
>>>>>>>>>>>>> describing my
>>>>>>>>>>>>> system
>>>>>>>>>>>>> (that also contain pi-pi stacking).
>>>>>>>>>>>>> So far using ambertools I have .frchmod and prmtop files for my
>>>>>>>>>>>>> solute. I
>>>>>>>>>>>>> found
>>>>>>>>>>>>> .itp GAFF topology and .pdb GAFF Liquid structure files for solvents
>>>>>>>>>>>>> that
>>>>>>>>>>>>> i am
>>>>>>>>>>>>> interested in on http://virtualchemistry.org/ site. Nevetherless i
>>>>>>>>>>>>> still
>>>>>>>>>>>>> dont
>>>>>>>>>>>>> see the way how to create solvatebox with solute starting from data
>>>>>>>>>>>>> described
>>>>>>>>>>>>> above. I didn't found a tutorial describing similar procedures. If
>>>>>>>>>>>>> anyone
>>>>>>>>>>>>> can
>>>>>>>>>>>>> recommend me anything - i would be extremely thankful.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Because coordinates can't be built from topologies. See
>>>>>>>>>>>> http://www.gromacs.org/Documentation/File_Formats/Coordinate_File#Sources
>>>>>>>>>>>> for
>>>>>>>>>>>> ideas.
>>>>>>>>>>>> -Justin


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