[gmx-users] CMAP missing for a new residue.

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Thu Sep 3 14:06:17 CEST 2015

On 9/3/15 3:42 AM, Dawid das wrote:
> Dear Gromacs Experts,
> I am working with fluorescent protein, posesing a chromophore which I
> defined as a non-standard " amino-acid residue". Now, I want to use
> Charmm22 force field and the issue is that I am missing CMAP parameters and
> these are not available in the literature.

FYI, CHARMM22 has no CMAP.  CHARMM22/CMAP (what GROMACS somewhat misleadingly 
calls "charmm27.ff") does.

> My question is, whether there is a way to use CMAP parameters only for
> connection between standard a.a. and omit them for connection between my
> chromophore and standard a.a.?

You'd probably have to modify the topology after the fact, but the connection 
between the chromophore and the next residue is easily omitted by not having a 
[cmap] directive in the chromophore .rtp file.  If the backbone of the 
chromophore has standard amino acid atom names, there's no way to tell pdb2gmx 
to not write a CMAP entry from the previous residue.  You can comment out or 
remove that line later.



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