[gmx-users] membrane protein simulation

Brett brettliu123 at 163.com
Sun Sep 13 08:51:35 CEST 2015

Dear All,
Suppose a membrane protein contains 10 trans-membrane helix, and as the cell membrane is round, the upper and lower part of the 10 trans- membrane are not horizontal as they are part of the rounded cell, will you please introduce to me how to make the lipid bilayer in curve to parallel the upper and lower part of the 10 tran- membrane? I only know we can pack the membrane protein into the lipid bilayer in the way the lipid bilayer would be perpendicular to the membrane protein.
Yesterday I have posted a similar question but my post was not show in the post list.
I am looking forward to getting your reply.

Best regards.


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Hi Kathrin,
if I remember correctly I once did something similar with g_membed -pieces !

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Hey you all,
I'm searching for a way to insert and embed multiple(!) copies of the
same protein in a complex, presimulated membrane patch (all martini-cg).
I've tryed lambada for insertion, but I couldn't get it to work with
more than one protein. I've tried to translate the protein to a (4 4 0)
vector with editconf in the lambada script, but I get following error:
Modification of non-creatable array value attempted, subscript -6 at
/home/lambada/modules/protein.pm line 281.
For insertion via vmd, I have no clue how to generate a psf file for
Any suggestions how I could make it work?
Best regards and thanks in advance,

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