[gmx-users] Using TIP4P(2005) with GROMOS-53a6

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Mon Sep 14 16:11:50 CEST 2015

On 9/14/15 10:05 AM, Pallavi Banerjee wrote:
> Thanks for your reply, Micholas.
> Are you sure about that? 'Cause I have found papers that talk about having
> used other water models with gromos. One such is sort of a motivation for
> the work I am doing :
> http://mb.uni-paderborn.de/fileadmin/thet/Publikationen/Veroeffentlichungen/Hydrogel-1.pdf

AFAIK, no one has examined whether or not GROMOS + TIP4P is valid.  The water 
model is part of the force field, and without examining the force field in very 
well controlled simulations, I would absolutely not dive into simulations with 
water models for which the force field was not parametrized.

A quick look at the paper suggests: "The results for OPLS-AA + SPC/E are in fair 
agreement with the experimental results" and even "Note that the two force field 
combinations that predict the correct conformations at 280 and 360 K are not 
recommended by their developers. The OPLS force field was developed for TIP4P 
water and G53A6 for SPC water."

Just because an application study arrived at a desirable result *does not* mean 
that the underlying physical model is valid.  You could be getting the "right" 
answer for the wrong reasons.

The combination of OPLS-AA + SPC/E has been studied and found to give hydration 
free energies of amino acid analogs that are in better agreement than OPLS/AA + 
TIP*P models, and SPC/E seems to be a good choice for several force fields.  But 
this is not a choice to be made lightly, and just because something is published 
with a certain combination does not make it right.



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