[gmx-users] Fixing periodicity effects on trajectory file

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Tue Sep 15 13:42:50 CEST 2015

On 9/15/15 7:39 AM, Homa rooz wrote:
> Hi there
> I'm working with gromacs for ligand-protein interaction simulation. I have
> run MD for docked complex and now there is a problem with trajectory
> visualization by VMD. The ligand has left binding site circulating around
> the protein.
> I tried to fix the problem by making index and extract the first frame from
> the trajectory to use as  reference and also running "-center", "no jump",
> "no pbc", "-fit rot" but the problem still exists. I'm quite confused.
> Should I execute fixing command in the special order?
> Which group is more preferred to be located at the center,Protein or
> system(non-solvent)?

If the system is a simple binary protein:ligand complex in water, trjconv 
-center -pbc mol should do it.  Center on the protein, output whatever is 
meaningful to you.



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