[gmx-users] gmx dipoles with dynamic indices (gromacs 5.0.x)

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Wed Sep 16 13:55:18 CEST 2015

On 9/15/15 6:13 PM, Daskalakis Vangelis wrote:
> Hello.
> I want to use a dynamic selection scheme (select different atoms based on
> the same selection criteria for each frame of a trajectory) and pass this
> selection/ info to the gmx dipoles tool. It seems that the -select option
> cannot be used.
> I tried to use dynamic selection through gmx select. The gmx select output
> (using the -on option, e.g an index.ndx file) was indeed a correct
> selection of the molecules/ atoms within the system for each frame,
> resulting in a large index.ndx file for the whole trajectory.
> When I use the -n index.ndx option for the gmx dipoles, there is of course
> this huge list of groups of atoms (one group per frame) showing up. I
> cannot choose just one frame selection group, as I want the gmx dipoles
> tool to process each frame based on the selected group of atoms for each
> frame written in index.ndx by gmx select.
> Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you.

You'll have to do the analysis frame by frame in a shell script.  Use the index 
group as a counter, and then calculate what the time is based on the interval 
you've saved and pass that value to gmx dipoles -b -e.  See also


So your first call (for the first frame, t=0) is:

echo 0 | gmx dipoles -b 0 -e 0 -s *.tpr -f *.xtc/trr



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