[gmx-users] SDF problem

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Wed Sep 23 00:43:14 CEST 2015

On 9/22/15 8:14 AM, Daniele Veclani wrote:
> Dear gromacs user
> My system consist of 1 molecule + 1000 of solvents (water) in cubic
> box.  I did 5 ns NPT equilibration and currently I am doing analysis stuff
> such as RDF, density, viscosity, etc. And now I want to try using g_spatial
> but
> I stuck on it. I would like to know if you can help me in this.
> In Gromacs manual, they wrote like this:
> 1. Use make_ndx to create a group containing the atoms around which you
> want
> the SDF
> 2. trjconv -s a.tpr -f a.xtc -o b.xtc -center tric -ur compact -pbc none
> 3. trjconv -s a.tpr -f b.xtc -o c.xtc -fit rot+trans
> 4. run g_spatial on the .xtc output of step #3.
> 5. Load grid.cube into VMD and view as an isosurface
> I have tried to follow those steps but I coud not get any pretty SDF
> picture
> This is what I have done following the above mentioned steps:
> step 1: I have my index file
> step 2: I choose my molecule ("solute") as group for centering
> and I select "system" (1 molecule + 1000 solvents) as an output group
> step 3: Again, I choose "solute" and choose "system" as an output
> step 4: I run g_spatial and select "1000 solvents" for both calculation and
> output. It gives me warning to increase nab values, so I increase the nab =
> 100. I got grid.cube but the size of the file is not that big (the manual
> says
> it is around 3 copies of *.xtc file).
> step 5: I load grid.cube into VMD as an isosurface. I got only a sphere of
> solvents there on the VMD display
> How can I view the molecule?

By saving the solute coordinates (the output group in g_spatial) rather than the 
solvent molecules.  You will also need to adjust the isosurface value in VMD to 
get anything sensible.



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