[gmx-users] Some simple questions about using -rerun in mdrun for energy between two groups

Sheng Bi chrishengbee at hust.edu.cn
Mon Apr 18 18:27:18 CEST 2016

Dear GMX Users
I have some questions when using -rerun in mdrun to get some specific energy for my groups. Let me describe my question in this way.
I have a system containing some groups which include A and B and others. My goal is to calculate the energy between A and B. 
So Here is my steps:
first, I use gmx trjconv to get trajectory contains only A and B called A_B.xtc.
Second, I grompp a new tpr which is also only contain group A and B called A_B.tpr.
Third, I use mdrun -rerun A_B.xtc -s A_B.tpr -v -deffnm energy_A_B
Last, I use gmx energy -f energy_A_B.edr and choose "Total Energy" to get total energy of A_B system.
My question is, by this way, I can get the total energy (name it E_total), but in my opinion this energy is composed of the energy 

between A and A (name it E_A_A), energy between B and B (name it E_B_B), and energy between A and B (name it E_A_B). I only care 

about E_A_B. By now, I have to repeat above four steps to get E_A_A, and E_B_B, then use E_total minus E_A_A and E_B_B to get E_A_B. 

This is a very tedious work.
I am not quite familiar with -rerun, Is there any ingenious method to get E_A_B ? I am not quite familiar with -rerun?

Sheng bi


PhD student
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School of Energy and Power Engineering,
Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST),
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