[gmx-users] Implicit and Explicit solvation

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
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On 12/23/16 10:22 PM, Syed Azeem wrote:
> Thanks Tyugashev for your response.
> It was a reviewer suggestion to run our protein-peptide docked complex
> in a continuum solvent and compute their free energies of association.
> After this, I came across MMPBSA
> and its GROMACS tool g_mmpbsa.
> Is this not based on Implicit solvation? How can I perform it to
> validate my docking?

MM/PBSA is a post-processing (analysis) method in which you provide existing 
snapshots and the MM energy is combined with a PBSA estimate of solvation free 
energy to give the free energy of the system.  The (unofficial) g_mmpbsa tool 
does this.  It does not require additional simulations.


> Thanks in advance
> Azeem
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>> Implicit solvation treats solvent as a continuous medium (a kind of
>> modifier for , while explicit one treats it as a set of explicit
>> (surprise!) particles. I guess you can start reading from relevant
>> Wikipedia articles.
>> Implicit is way faster to compute, the system itself also settles far
>> quicker, but it's considered more inaccurate and harder to optimize for
>> GPU. It's also possible to have a hybrid approach, when the whole system
>> is solvated implicitly, but select solvent molecules are explicitly
>> included in the model.
>> In GROMACS implicit solvent is depreciated, so you should either use
>> explicit solvent, or pick a different MD engine if you want implicit.
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>> Hi all,
>> What's the difference between Implicit and Explicit solvation?
>> Is there any difference in setting up the system for simulation?
>> Which is computationally effiecient?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Azeem


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