[gmx-users] error while writing an xtc file

electronsource at free.fr electronsource at free.fr
Mon Mar 13 16:38:31 CET 2017

Hello everyone !

I am recording an .xtc file of 2000000 frame to keep rna and ions but i got a warning that stop the record
I am using this command  gmx trjconv -f GoldA.xtc -s GoldA.tpr -o nowater.xtc -n index.ndx

and i got this error : 

Back Off! I just backed up nowater.xtc to ./#nowater.xtc.1#
 ->  frame 152320 time 152320.000        ->  frame 152000 time 152000.000      
WARNING: Incomplete frame: nr 152330 time 152330

Is there a way to skip automatically the wrong frames 

Thanks you very much 

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