[gmx-users] how to use backup files as an input file?

mmousivand93 mmousivand93 at ut.ac.ir
Fri Aug 17 17:04:21 CEST 2018

Dear users 

I am a beginner in molecular dynamic and I  have run a simulation for my
aptamer (ssDNA)for 50 ns. After finishing I make a mistake and performed
new mdrun again, when I noticed I stopped it by kill command,however the
md run files such as *.trr, *.edr,*.log had been replaced with the new
run files, But I see the old files as a backup in my folder (included
#md300.log.1#, #md300.trr.1#,#md300.edr.1#) however I do not know how I
can  use them. Is it possible to use the backup files for my analysis or
I have to perform md run again? 

Bset regards 


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