[gmx-users] GROMOS FF conversion

András Ferenc WACHA wacha.andras at ttk.mta.hu
Mon Jun 24 15:03:47 CEST 2019

Dear List,

I would like to use the 54a8 version of the GROMOS FF with GROMACS. I
have seen that version 54a7 is already supplied "out of the box". Before
starting to develop a conversion script, I would like to ask if anyone
has information on how the previous versions were converted, and if
there already exists a validated mechanism. Googling on the topic did
not help me much.

Kind regards,


András Ferenc Wacha, PhD
research fellow, CREDO instrument responsible

Biological Nanochemistry Research Group

Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry
Research Centre for Natural Sciences
Hungarian Academy of Sciences (RCNS HAS)
Magyar tudósok körútja 2.
H-1117 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +36-1-382-6427
Web: http://bionano.ttk.mta.hu, 
CREDO SAXS instrument: http://credo.ttk.mta.hu

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