[gmx-users] MPI issue

Paul Whitford pwhitfor at ctbp.ucsd.edu
Thu Jan 17 07:07:19 CET 2008

I am running gromacs on a machine with altivec support.  My understanding is
I have to use MVAPICH on this machine.

I occasionally have runs crash and I receive the following error

n559(0): Loaded with Money

n536(14): 14 - MPI_ALLREDUCE : Null communicator
n536(14): [14] [] Aborting Program!
n559(0): 0 - MPI_ALLREDUCE : Null communicator
n559(0): [0] [] Aborting Program!
Cleaning up all processes ...Cleaning up all processes ...done.

Does this indicate a problem with the machine, mvapich, or gromacs?  Again,
this doesn't always happen, just sometimes (which makes me suspect it is a
machine issue).  Any advice on where the problem might be would be helpful.
thanks in advance.

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