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> Mark,
> The residence time equation goes like this-
> P(r)= function (N(t) - N(t+r))dt
> Where function(x-y) takes the value of 1 when x=y(x not equal to 0 and y not equal to 0) ie the site occupied and when x not equal to y or both x and y =0. N(t) index of water molecule found in the hydration site at time t.

So that's the autocorrelation of the existence function. Now you need a 
geometric criterion for existence. Note that g_hbond with 
well-constructed groups will calculate the autocorrelation of the 
existence function for an H-bond. See g_hbond -h.

g_dist, some scripting and g_analyse might be necessary for other criteria.


> Aiswarya
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>> Any idea how can I calculate the residence time of water.
> First, seek define what you mean to calculate. If you can't write an
> equation down for it, you can't calculate it.
> Mark
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