[gmx-users] Re: Genbox center of box

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Tue Jun 11 00:22:08 CEST 2013

On 6/10/13 3:26 PM, Matt Bawn wrote:
>> I have never seen such a prompt, and I cannot reproduce the problem with
> version
>> 4.5.5 on my machine.  Did you install from source, or from some external
> binary
>> or package manager?  Are you running Gromacs directly, or are you using any
>> interface of any sort?  Does the problem persist with a non-outdated
> version
>> like 4.6.2?
> I am running GROMACS that I installed and compiled myself via cygwin on a
> windows machine. This prompt has only appeared recently and previously
> following the tutorial instructions did not yield it. I went back to a
> previous structure that had worked and the same prompt now also appears. I
> can't think of anything that may have changed in the cygwin/gromacs
> environment to cause this.

Got me stumped, and I don't have a Cygwin machine to test with, so I can't 
really help much more.  That prompt doesn't appear anywhere in the Gromacs 
source code, though, so it's really puzzling.  Testing with 4.6.2 would be useful.



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