[gmx-users] PBC correction to visualize a protein-membrane structure

Juan Munoz-Garcia juan.munoz-garcia at bioch.ox.ac.uk
Sat May 17 11:49:33 CEST 2014

Dear Mark,

I’ve used numbers. Just indicated them as x_box/2, etc to be clearer.

Juan C.

> Dear Justin,
> thank you. I’ve tried the following but neither of them worked, I get the
same result.
> trjconv -f input.gro -o output.gro -s .tpr -trans 0 0  z_box/2 -pbc mol
-ur compact
> trjconv -f input.gro -o output.gro -s tpr -trans x_box/2  y_box/2
 z_box/2 -pbc mol -ur compact

You need to use numbers.


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