[gmx-users] g_correlation: "Software inconsistency error" Gromacs 3.3.0

Ryan Choi ryanchoi at usc.edu
Fri Nov 28 22:24:11 CET 2014


Not sure if this is the right place to be asking this question. It is
related to a gromacs tool, g_correlation. I installed this from
https://www.mpibpc.mpg.de/grubmueller/g_correlation by downloading the
source and compiling it, referencing GROMACS version 3.3 (3.3.0).

I ran it with a .gro and .xtc (from trjconv'ing .gro on gromacs3.3) file of
the same system and got:

Software inconsistency error:
Freeing symbol table (symtab) structure

I grep'd software inconsistency error and don't know where g_correlation
calls the symtab.c file (BTW symtab.c error line 194). I'm running
ElementaryOS (Linux dist based on Ubuntu). The program gets as far as me
selecting the group for least sq fit and group for the analysis (After
which it crashes basically instantly).

I'm just not sure what the problem is here? I'm running g_correlation on
serial since there was something about MPI library not being found at the
time of compiling g_correlation.

Thank you,


Ryan Choi

B.S. Chemical Engineering 2015

*University of Southern California*

503-840-9821 | http://ryanjchoi.com

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