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On 10/8/14 7:18 AM, amitabh jayaswal wrote:
> Dear All,
> Greetings!
> 1. By education and training and experience I've been a Biologist.
> 2. I'm attempting MD Simulations for the first time in life.
> 3. Because of the neatly designed tutorials by Dr. J. Lemkul I've been able
> to do MD of/from the tutorials.
> 4. But I'm still struggling with the concepts OR the foundations which
> GROMACS uses. For example:
> a.) The mathematical terms.
> b.) The computational jargon-flags, options, parameters...
> c.) The CONCEPTS of MD SIMULATION itself - used by GROMACS; say why LJ
> potential? What relevance it has to MD? Why was it chosen over other
> alternatives?
> These I need to UNDERSTAND to be able to make any sense out of my success
> at GROMACS and do some worthwhile analysis.
> Please guide me by pointing to some suitable forum (the GROMACS fora seems
> too technically advanced for me right now) OR text.

Try textbooks by Cramer, Leach, or Frenkel and Smit.



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