[gmx-users] Are multiquestion mails acceptable?

Daniel Brendle grindhold+gmx at skarphed.org
Wed Apr 25 21:04:07 CEST 2018

Hello, gmx-users!

My first question addressed to this list are two metaquestions regarding
the list and the etiquette.

While working on a tutorial (the lysozyme tutorial from bevanlabs) a
number of questions popped up and I'd like to ask people about it here.
Is it acceptable for all questions to be packed into a single mail or
should I ask one question per mail?

Which brings me to the second question. I've already seen one of my
questions answered in the "GROMACS 2018.1 Errors while working
[…]"-Thread. It is likely that my other questions already got answered
as well, because I am new to the topic and it seems like basic stuff to
me. Is there any possibility to access the archive of this ML in order
to avoid multiple threads on the same topic?

Thanks in advance,


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