[gmx-users] cannot flush logfile

Neda Rafiee nerafiee at ipm.ir
Tue Jan 23 00:36:25 CET 2018

Dear Users,
I have a problem with running my simulation on cluster. Actually the error says : "Fatal error:Cannot flush logfile - maybe you are out of disk space?"  while I have plenty of free disk space. I have also tried with different number of nodes and processors per node and I encountered the same problem.
I am using gromacs v.5.0 with the following modules:
module load intel/2013
module load openmpi/1.6.5/intel/2013
module load gromacs/5.0-rc1

and the following command:
" mpirun gmx_mpi_d  mdrun -cpt -1 -s run.tpr -o run.trr -g run.log -e run.edr -c run.gro "

Can anyone help me ???
Thanks in advance.

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